Certified Fraud Examiner

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The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) qualification is the accepted industry standard for Counter Fraud Investigators and has become the benchmark for counter fraud investigation training. The course is accredited by the International Board of Standards and CHEA Council of Higher Education International Quality Group (CIQG) Board of Standards Becomes Professional Standards Member and First Signatory to the New Global Standards. the certificate is issued by the American Academy of Fianancial Management (AAFM), and the course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in counter fraud investigation. The course will also help participants to become a true fraud examiner and will help you well prepared for the American Academy examination, which offered by GAFM and IBS that control the association. The instructor-led classroom training covers the fraud management body of knowledge to build a working understanding of the material. The training course will cover topics such as: definition of fraud, fraud prevention, fraud detection, and responding to fraud, for CFE exam preparation.

At the completion of this course, the participants shall have comprehensive undertanding on knowledge in fraud management and encompassing such as:

  • Participants shall obtain an expanded understanding the role of Fraud Examiner (Fraud Auditor) in evaluating operational and control risk and in assessing the appropriateness and adequacy of management control practices inside participants’ organization
  • Participants shall obtain the capability in conducting Fraud audit and implement techniques in performing assurance, attestation, and audit engagements
  • Participants shall obtain an expanded familiarity with the principle references in corpotate governance, control and security as related to fraud audit
  • Participants shall obtain the working ability to plan, conduct, and report on fraud maangement audits
  • Participants shall obtain an understanding of the role of fraud auditors regarding the compliance and regulatory audits, such as evaluating control standards
  • Participants shall be prepared and throughly confident upon themselves to take CFE professional certificate examination

  • Internal Auditors
  • Security Managers
  • Auditing Staffs
  • Finance Managers
  • IT Managers

No specific requirements for participants.

  • Module One
    The evolution of fraud; anti-fraud culture; loss measurement; strategy; prevention; deterrence; detection; professionalism; definitions of fraud and corruption; types of fraud, the criminal justice system; statute offences (including fraud, theft, forgery, bribery); conspiracy to defraud; evidential requirements; points to prove; case law; precedents
  • Module Two
    Planning and strategies; investigation life cycle; case management; evidence gathering; notebooks and record keeping; forensic evidence; planning searches; NIM Model; strategic and operational analysis; intelligence led investigations; intelligence cycle; key sources; OSINT; identity fraud; governing legislation.
  • Module Three
    Code of practice, Interviewing suspects, witnesses and victims; police station procedures; pre interview disclosure; recording media; questioning skills; listening skills.
  • Module Four
    Purpose of fraud respon plan, corporate policy, the respon and investigation, roles and resposibility, organization’s objective dealing with fraud, follow up actions.
  • Case Studies
    Case-based discussions will be conducted with topics related to the subjects of training. Exam exercises and questions evaluation.

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